Why Use DocumentTrunk?

Imagine Your Death. Kind Of Hard To Know What To Do, Right?

Imagine now how your loved ones feel. Nothing is simple – there are so many things to do and arrange for.

Where are all those papers that you gave them to make sure that the life insurance is taken care of? Are the burial plots arranged for? Do you want to be buried? Who will take care of the kids and the dog?

You created a will. You created a trust. Now what? Giving it to a loved one or a friend or even your lawyer are all great options. But what if they lose it? What if they can’t find the papers? Are those papers all up to date? Or worst of all, what if they simply do not like what the paperwork says and they make them disappear? DocumentTrunk handles all of these situations for you.

Obviously we are not the first to have created digital storage…there are even other storage sites specifically for estate planning. What sets us apart is our proactive approach.

Create an account, enter in up to 14 people (including your attorney) that you would like to receive documents upon your passing. Now upload your documents to our secure servers and assign them to one or all of those people. Each day DocumentTrunk’s patent pending software will search the web for your death and when we find a match (like it or not, it is only a matter of time) we will have a real person reach out to confirm if the match is you. This may seem like redundancy but your life and your wishes are too important for just a computer. If a match is found to be true we then contact the individuals you assigned documents to, verify their identities and distribute your final wishes.

Now you can be guaranteed that your last word will be delivered, seen and acted upon by those who need to know. Until then your documents will be safe from prying eyes, loss or damage.

You created a will and trust to protect your loved ones…now what?

How Does It Work?

We all know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites that you can store documents on. The question you need to ask yourself is how many of them focus on what happens to your documents when you pass on?  There are maybe a half dozen or so of those.  What makes DocumentTrunk the best?

Document storage is fairly easy. Set up secure servers, user accounts, and so on. We decided to take it to the next level by adding a custom list or CRM for those people you want to receive all or some of your files after you pass. To help ensure your security, this had to be a verifiable system, guaranteeing that only the person(s) that you want to have the files received it and that they could not access it prior to your death or incapacitation.

Next, to make the system truly stand out, we implemented our Proof of Life Program. In this we created layers. The initial part was simple. An email verification system that quarterly requires you to verify your information and reminds you to update any changes to documents, recipients or personal contact info. If we do not receive your reply, then a group of contact phases begin until we have proof of life.

The second piece to our Proof of Life Program is the real winner and the only one of its kind. Here we created a patent pending web crawler that automatically searches the internet on a daily basis looking for your death. If a hit is found, our staff is notified and we begin a group of phone calls to determine your life status. If it is determined that you have passed, then recipients are notified and upon verifying their identities, the records are distributed in the order you requested.

To secure your last wishes, follow these 4 simple steps:

Sign Up

Add Your Recipient Information

Upload Your Files

Assign Each File to a Recipient

At DocumentTrunk, we regularly schedule backups on all of our secured servers as well as a 256 Bit Encryption to help keep your documents secure and to prevent any hackers.

Storage Plans and Pricing


Storage: 10GB

All File Types



Storage: 10GB

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Storage: 10GB

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