When You Are Deceased, Your Loved Ones Have A Lot To Deal With.

Solving the puzzles life throws at you

All You Have To Do Is Create An Account, Upload Your Files And Let Us Do The Rest.

By storing the information you need them to access when the time comes with DocumentTrunk, they are presented with a seamless way to learn and carry out your last wishes.

Why use DocumentTrunk and not a safety deposit box?

We actually encourage you to have hard copies in safe keeping. If you are holding the original copies of your Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney or other estate document then you need to maintain that original and a safe deposit box is a good place to utilize.

All that said, our lives change on a regular basis and constantly going to the safe deposit box or distributing new physical copies to family members after each update can be a daunting task.

DocumentTrunk stays in the same location no matter where you go making updates quick and easy.

How Secure Are My Documents?

DocumentTrunk.com is built on a secure platform including double authentication for administrative support access. DocumentTrunk encrypts your personal information locally, and then uploads it to the cloud for safe keeping. *We do not store your credit card information.

Learn More About Our Compliant SSL Security That Is On All Of Our Servers

What should I store with DocumentTrunk?

The possibilities are endless. There are the obvious wills, trusts and estate plans.   We can also store your life insurance documents, financial documents, passwords, real estate documents, medical information, birth/marriage/divorce certificates, video messages and letters to your loved ones and so much more.

When Are My Documents Released?

DocumentTrunk’s patent pending software is the only one of its kind.  Through a complex group of algorithms, our software searches the net daily for your death.  If a match is found, our staff then makes a life status check by phone to confirm prior to reaching out to your recipients.  In addition, specific recipients in your contact list are authorized by you to received documents such as medical power of attorneys, DNR instructions and other such documents prior to your death, but only with a confirmation that you have become incapacitated.

Can my recipients view my saved files prior to my death?

No. All documents are held in trust with DocumentTrunk until your death or incapacitation has been confirmed by a member of the DocumentTrunk team.   Only the files you wish to be delivered, at the time you want them to be delivered and to the people you want to have them delivered to will be released.

What happens if someone tries to access my files prior to your life status confirmation?

The DocumentTrunk team members will deny any access to your files prior to a death or incapacitation confirmation. If a recipient does try to access files early, you will be notified immediately.

What happens to my documents if something happens to DocumentTrunk?

In the event that something were to happen to the ownership of DocumentTrunk a life insurance policy has been put in place and directives have been set in their trusts to fund 20 continual years of web hosting regardless of DocumentTrunk, the company’s, ability to continue payment. Additionally, if anything were to happen to DocumentTrunk as a company, a bond has been established to pay 20 years of web hosting. In short, your documents are in good (digital) hands.

What if I don’t have an estate plan created yet?

“By failing to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

A recent study found that 57% of American’s do not have a will, leaving them without any say over how their assets will be distributed or who will care for their minor children after they die. We want to make sure that you have all resources at your fingertips to make this process simple, which is why we have created an affiliate program. Click here to find DocumentTrunk verified providers in your area including attorneys, estate planners, life insurance agents and more.

How can I close my account?

If you are registered with a monthly or yearly DocumentTrunk plan, we will need you to contact billing@documenttrunk.com and notify us 30 days prior to your next billing renewal. Your files will be available for download for 15 days after your next billing cycle and the files will be stored on servers for an additional 60 days prior to being purged from DocumentTrunk servers.