How We Started

Like many great ideas, DocumentTrunk started with a need.

Our family had just finished our will & trust, and were looking for guidance when we asked our attorney, “what’s next”? The answers we received were the norm. Give a copy to him, one or two to people we love and put another copy in a safe or safety deposit box. To be honest, we were a bit taken aback. None of these options seemed foolproof and left large holes for problems in what was supposed guarantee our family’s security once we had passed on. Think about these scenarios.

  1. Your attorney is significantly older than you, so the chances are they will pass away before you.
  2. Typically your significant other is the one you love and trust so you would provide them with a copy of the documents. What happens if you are on the same plane or in the same car when something goes wrong?
  3. People lose keys and combinations. Banks go under. Those are just as flawed.
  4. If you give the papers to multiple people, it will be a pain to keep all of them updated with changes over the years.
  5. If you are like us, you do not want anyone to know what is in your estate until the time comes. No one wants to deal with squabbling over who gets what.
  6. Finally, what happens if the person(s) who have the copies of the paperwork do not like what it says? They could simply make it disappear.

So what was next?

Like always, we went to the most obvious place for a better answer the Internet. Certainly we could not be the first to think of these issues and someone had to have come up with an answer. What we found was surprising. As I am sure you can imagine, there were dozens of places to store documents. Many are well known and highly used. Still, none had the proactive approach we were looking for when it came to dealing with the eventuality of our deaths. After a few months searching, we finally gave up and decided to create something of our own.

The document storage was fairly easy. Set up secure servers, user accounts, and so on. Next we needed a custom list of those people you would want to receive all or some of the documents housed after your passing. This had to be a verifiable system, to guarantee that only the person(s) that you want to have the paperwork received it and that they could not access it prior to your death. Finally, the important part, proof of life. In this we created layers. The initial part was simple. We have created a simple email verification system that quarterly requires you to verify your information and update any changes to documents, loved ones or personal contact info. If we do not receive your reply, then a group of contact phases begin until we have proof of life. The second piece is the real winner though. Here we created a patent pending web crawler program that searches the internet on a daily basis looking for your death. If a hit is found, our staff is notified and we do a group of phone calls to find guarantee if you are alive or dead. If you have passed then records are distributed in the order you requested.

We figured this would be a great site for people in similar situations to our own. Little did we know how popular it would become. When we took it back to our attorney he was floored. Not only did he believe it to be a great compliment for those do it yourselfers but he wanted to refer all of his own estate clients to us. Thus saving himself the time and hassle of keeping up to date with their update reminders and ensuring that he would be there when their loved ones needed him.


Advisory Board

unnamedPETER J. MAY, JD, LLM, CFP®
Peter is a business advisor with a national practice and is based in the greater Philadelphia area.
With a 35 year career in accounting, law, tax and planning, his practice focuses on problem solving across multi-generations.





advisor2ROSS RUBIN
Ross provides transformative navigation on any matter having a financial impact, for individuals, business owners & employees nationwide.
Transformative navigation transcends the traditional role of the advisor… Ross’ “product” is people, with the ultimate focus of improving the well being of those he helps.
Ross helps restore order, create financial peace, improve quality of life, and serves as a “safe harbor” for clients.


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