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Safe and Secure

Secure and Proactive Storage for Your Most Precious Documents:
Estate Planning, Life Insurance, And More

Your most sensitive documents can now be stored digitally & shared with the appropriate parties. When you become disabled or deceased, we will make sure your wishes are accessible to the authorized executors with the click of a button so they can act on your behalf immediately.

How does it work?

We all know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites that you can store documents on. The next question you need to ask yourself is how many of them focus on what happens to your documents when you pass on? Ok, there are maybe a half dozen or so of those. So what makes DocumentTrunk the best?

Document storage was fairly easy. Set up secure servers, user accounts, and so on. To pump it up to the next level, we added a custom list or CRM for those people you want to receive all or some of your files after you pass. This had to be a verifiable system, to guarantee that only the person(s) that you want to have the paperwork received it and that they could not access it prior to your death or incapacitation. Now we needed to make it truly stand out. The most important part, our Proof of Life Program. In this we created layers.

The initial part was simple. We created a simple email verification system that quarterly requires you to verify your information and remind you to update any changes to documents, recipients or personal contact info. If we do not receive your reply, then a series of contact phases begin until we have proof of life.

To secure your last wishes, follow these 4 simple steps:

Sign Up

Add Your Recipient Information

Upload Your Files

Assign Each File to a Recipient

Are You Prepared?


“Yes, I have documents that I am ready to store.”

Not Prepared

“Not yet. I need a referral for an estate planner or life insurance agent in my area.”

Prepared vs. Not Prepared

When the inevitable comes are you ready? Documents such as your will, trust, life insurance, power of attorney and more are important to have ready at any age. Most of us like to believe we will get to it “mañana”. Well the inevitable always comes at the most inopportune time and if we were able to look back we would realize that mañana is not good enough. Now our loved ones are left to sort out the pieces and hope that they are directing your estate in the ways that you would have wanted.

Are you ready for the Inevitable? Because we never know what may be around the corner, find out how DocumentTrunk will ensure that your legacy will live on. Sign up today for our services to start preparing you and your loved ones for what may take place tomorrow.

Are you ready to take the next step but need some guidance? Have DocumentTrunk direct you to one of our Trusted Affiliates who will help you to take the necessary steps in securing your family’s future when you can no longer be there.


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Partnering with Us

At DocumentTrunk we believe in doing one thing great, store and distribute important documents. To that end we have made it our mission to find and partner with quality individuals in the areas we don’t specialize in. Those affiliate industries include legal, estate planning, document preparation, life insurance and real estate.

About Our Services

Like many great ideas, DocumentTrunk started with a need. Our family had just finished our will & trust, and were looking for guidance when we asked our attorney, “what’s next”?

The answers we received were the norm. Give a copy to him, one or two to people we love and put another copy in a safe or safety deposit box. To be honest, we were a bit taken aback. None of these options seemed foolproof and left large holes for problems in what was supposed guarantee our family’s security once we had passed on. Think about these scenarios.

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